Mega Swag Bucks Day

A little bit about Swag Bucks. I met the swag guy sometime in the spring of 2009. Simply, it is a search engine that rewards you. Every so often you earn points. Once you accumulate those points you can cash them in for stuff. The “stuff” I usually get are Gift cards! I earn enough to get about $10 a month…maybe a little more. Well worth it for not doing anything more than I normally do.

There are other ways to earn swag bucks. There are random codes posted in random places. You can shop and earn swag bucks, take surveys, trade in old cell phones, etc. Also, you can earn points by referring friends. So once you get hooked you can get all of your friends hooked and reap the rewards! 😉

Fridays are “Mega Swag Buck Days” which ups your chances of winning bigger bucks. You are started off with 30 swag bucks when you sign up! Better get started! I ❤ my Swag Bucks!!!

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I started a small strawberry patch this year. The pants are doing well but only gave me a handful of strawberries. That is what I expected this year…hope there are lots more next summer.

This was a new garden that we started in our field. I kept finding this odd weed in my little strawberry patch that was ruthless. I haven’t seen it in our other gardens. It grows crazy fast and covers the ground. Yesterday I was reading this post on Oh She Glows. Angela raved about a something called purslane and the picture looked very similar to that weed in my strawberries.

I did a bit of research and found this article. So I went out and broke a stem off and took a little nibble of the leaf. Not bad. Tasted green and it almost had a jelly-ish texture once I started to chew it. I snacked on a few more leaves then decided to try the stem. I could see why Angela said it was citricy. Definitely a  strong taste. The girls ate the leaves but a mouthful of stem and all was too much and spit out.

I ripped up a bit and put it on my salad. I do like the texture and I love how nutritious it is! I see creative uses of purslane in my future and why not with such an abundance.

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One of my best friends is my husbands 97 year old Grandmother. We call her Gram. Joshie calls her Dam. Not sure where to start and I certainly don’t have enough time or space to write down all the reasons she is so important to me.

We live in the house she raised her family in. We are about 1/2 mile down the road from where she was born and she lives next door to that house with her daughter Sylvia. Libby was her maiden name and hence the name of the road we live on, Libby Rd. She talks about how she thinks it should be changed to Libby Lane since we are all now Lane’s. Maybe someday!

I love to hear her stories of when she was growing up. She is a very gentle and wise woman. She inspires me each blessed moment I get to spend with her.

Here she is holding Wes.

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