With all of my kids I’ve done some sort of homemade baby food. Why? Because it’s cheaper, and sometimes easier. I know what they are eating. I can add texture and flavor and so far I’ve found my kids to be pretty good eaters.

I do buy some jar food and start off with rice and oatmeal cereals. There are times I need to just grab a jar of food and go. When I am making food I usually make it at meal time and don’t do much for storing it.

Avocados are a great first food for a baby. They are mild tasting, super creamy and have loads of good fats in them. Great for their brain and central nervous system. This along with a list of other great nutrients.

I have not made much food for Wes yet. I tend to start with jar food since I’ve not been able to achieve the same smoothness with my cheapy tiny food processor. Today we made some Avonana. He loved it. Julia said it looked like green frosting…and really it was quite tasty.

Half of an avocado
1/4 or so of a ripe banana
Few drops of water to achieve desired thickness

Blend away. It will make a super creamy, sweet, NUTRITIOUS meal for your monkey! And I bet they will love it!

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