I started a small strawberry patch this year. The pants are doing well but only gave me a handful of strawberries. That is what I expected this year…hope there are lots more next summer.

This was a new garden that we started in our field. I kept finding this odd weed in my little strawberry patch that was ruthless. I haven’t seen it in our other gardens. It grows crazy fast and covers the ground. Yesterday I was reading this post on Oh She Glows. Angela raved about a something called purslane and the picture looked very similar to that weed in my strawberries.

I did a bit of research and found this article. So I went out and broke a stem off and took a little nibble of the leaf. Not bad. Tasted green and it almost had a jelly-ish texture once I started to chew it. I snacked on a few more leaves then decided to try the stem. I could see why Angela said it was citricy. Definitely a  strong taste. The girls ate the leaves but a mouthful of stem and all was too much and spit out.

I ripped up a bit and put it on my salad. I do like the texture and I love how nutritious it is! I see creative uses of purslane in my future and why not with such an abundance.

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